The 1979 World Series

On the afternoon of October 17, 1979 Dave was visiting a friend in the lobby of a dormitory on the campus of the University of Maryland when someone walked in and said "Anyone want two tickets for tonights game?" "Tonight's game" happened to be Game 7 of the World Series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Dave jumped at the chance.

After buying the tickets he went looking for his roomate Randy, a big Orioles fan. Randy was nowhere to be found. Time was running out and Dave found himself at the Record Co-op, a non-profit student run record store where he and Randy both worked. Looking around, Dave spotted another employee of the store who he didn't know too well. One thing he did know about this guy was that he was a big baseball fan - "Hey DC - do you want to go to Game 7?"

The Record Co-op morning shift - DC, Allan Russell, Dave and Ruth Stein show their favorite albums of the moment.

Record Co-op pic

Minutes later Dave and DC were on Route 95 heading toward Baltimore. By some minor miracle we found a parking place and made it to our seats in the upper deck of Memorial Stadium before game time.

A few innings into the game DC says "I've got to tell my mother where I am! She's a big baseball fan!" Off he goes to call his mother. He's talking to her on the phone, out of sight of the playing field when Willie Stargell hits the home run which turns out to be the World Series winning hit. Despite the fact that he is in the ballpark, DC finds out what's happening in the game from his mother, who is in New York. It's freezing cold and Earl Weaver prolongs the agony by changing pitchers four times in the top of the ninth inning.

We had a great time and have been going to ball games together ever since.

Randy pic

(left) Randy finally shows up! - from left, that's Dave, DC, Dan (DC's son) and the elusive Randy at an Orioles game in 1996.

(right) 40 years, 8 days and hundreds of baseball games after our first World Series game together, we made it to another! In 2019 we were able to attend Games 3, 4 and 5 of the World Series, rooting for our hometown team, the Washington Nationals. The Nats lost all three games in Washington but made history by becoming the first baseball team ever to win four times on the road in a postseason series, thus becoming the 2019 World Series champions!

2019 World Series

Our most recent trip was in 2018, The Ring Around The Appalachians Tour For a complete list of parks we have visited, check out our Two Guys and a Map Ballpark Scorecard.

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